10 Things You Can Do with Your Boxes After the Move

Do you think your responsibilities are over with you unpacking the last item after the relocation? Well, maybe not! You will soon realize that you are now left with piles of empty boxes need to be dealt with. The thought of throwing them all away with the garbage might cross your mind for a while but then the environmentalist in you won’t allow you to do that. How about recycling and reusing?

Here, we have listed the best 10 ways in which you can get this job done.

  • Donate the boxes to a local recycling facility

Almost every city and town in the US has at least one recycling center where people are free to recycle as much cardboard as they want in order to help them save on extra costs. Some centers even pick up the boxes from your home and you won’t have to take any kind of pain in taking the boxes to the recycling facility. As you make up your mind about recycling the cardboard boxes this way, make sure you check with the facility about any kind of restrictions pertaining to size, amount, and the condition of the boxes.

  • Sell away the boxes

If you have managed to unpack your belongings without doing much harm to the boxes, selling those away to someone in need may solve your purpose. There are several companies in some regions of the country that deal in used moving boxes and might also be willing to buy some from you. The best way to spot one such company near your location is to search online. Levic Van Lines can also use its contacts to get you in touch with some of these companies. Thanks to the internet, there are several portals on the web that allow you to interact with potential buyers for your boxes.

  • Message boards can help

A little research can help you find customer connect boards where you can easily find people looking for used boxes and reach out to them. If not, you can always post a message about selling your used boxes along with the proposed price, if any. Some useful websites that act as really helpful digital message boards include Craigslist, Freecycle.org, and NextDoor. So, what’s holding you back? Sign up and get started within a minute.

  • Reach out to your neighbors

If you don’t want to go very far, start by asking if the people living around you need the boxes. You can make it even simpler by directly reaching out to the manager of your apartment complex. Another thing you can do is making and posting flyers in your neighborhood to alert the people who might be looking for used boxes.

  • How about getting in touch with a charity?

The good thing about cardboard moving boxes is that they can be used for several other purposes than moving as well. Organizations such as schools, libraries, community centers, and foodbanks can use the boxes in a plethora of ways, creating food baskets being one of those. Though this process might come across to you as slightly time consuming, it is surely worth it.

  • Use the boxes for storage purposes

As you unpack, you are definitely going to need a way to organize the belongings and sturdy cardboard boxes can definitely serve this purpose. We usually have several items that we don’t use on a day-to-day basis and cardboard boxes can be used to organize these items. Make sure you label the boxes as you do this. In addition to giving you more space than needed, this will also make your apartment look a lot cleaner this way. By the time you plan your next move, if you still find those items in their designated boxes, you might as well choose to move without those.

  • Save the boxes for your next move

If your job or business requires you to relocate on a frequent basis, you might just want to save the boxes for your next move. You can start by separating the sturdy and clean boxes from the rest, flattening them, and storing them carefully until the need arises. Even if you end up staying in the same place for longer than expected, you can always give them away through some of the above-mentioned methods.

  • Let your creative ideas flow

Cardboard boxes can come very handy for the artsy. They can use the boxes to create things or as their working canvas. There are plenty of DIY ideas on the internet too which will ensure the boxes are being used to their fullest. One other way to use flattened boxes is using them to protect surfaces as you work with paints or oils.

  • Cardboard decomposes easily

One of the best ways to deal with cardboard boxes is probably using those in the garden as self-recycling compost bins. Fortunately, there are several community garden programs too where cardboards are used to give life to flowers as well as other kinds of vegetations.

  • Explore your capabilities

If none of the above-mentioned methods work for you, you can always think outside the box and create ways of your own. Whether it be creating toys for your kids, a castle for instance, or building mazes, there is a lot you can do with those seemingly useless cardboard boxes.

Well, some of you might want to have some fun with the moving boxes too. Levic Van Lines have put some together some ideas which are sure to break the monotony and give you a much-needed break while also dealing efficiently with the cardboard clutter. You can make a castle out of the cardboard for the toddlers in your family or even a single-story maze. Some other ways are creating cute cardboard crafts, toddler toys, or even a cozy home for your pets.

This was everything you needed to know about dealing with the leftover boxes after the execution of a successful move. Are you looking forward to planning a move across the States? Well, we can definitely help.

Levic Van Lines is on a mission to deliver top-notch moving services across New York and other areas while addressing the issues that arise when something doesn’t go as per the plan. Right from working with building management, dealing with building and elevator access, navigating traffic patterns, and dealing with parking, we can handle every challenge and that is exactly why our customers love to refer us to their friends, co-workers, and family.

In addition to reliable moving services, we can also help you with long as well as short term storage. Our storage facilities are always climate-controlled to provide the ideal solution for storing personal or business-related items as it protects the stored items from severe hot or cold weather that can easily damage it. We maintain a controlled environment to minimize the risk of mold, bacteria overgrowth, items cracking, splitting, yellowing or corrosion, mice, termites, and other vermin.

Get in touch with Levic Van lines today for local moving, commercial moving, long distance moving, storage and packing services in and around New Jersey. Feel free to browse through the website for more information. If you’ve got a query, write to us at levicvanlines@gmail.com.

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