5 Hidden Costs of Moving and Tricks to Avoid Them

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Anyone who has moved, whether across the globe or just over a couple of neighborhoods, can tell that it is a much more difficult job than it appears to be in theory. There is no denying that the real devil is in the details. If you take a closer look at the process of moving, you will realize that a move is so much more than just paying professionals to pack and transport your belongings. To put is simply, a move uproots your life and without reliable and trustworthy New York moving services, it will only get more difficult.

If the recent statistics from the American Moving and Storage Association are to be believed, the average cost of a move between states is $5,630, and the average cost of an intrastate move is $ 1,170. It also suggests towards the fact that whatever you may anticipate your final moving cost to be, the cost is very likely to be higher than that.

Now, you must be curious why is it so. This happens because irrespective of all the planning you put into a move, there usually are a lot of things that people tend to miss including to the budget. This may happen because a lot of the things are not so obvious when moving and it is only human to make mistakes. Whatever your reasons may be, you can almost be sure of these missed elements coming back to haunt you during the move in the form of additional costs you never saw coming.

Some of the most commonly experienced hidden costs pertaining to a move that need due consideration have been listed below.

Damage to the Home
There is a lot that goes into completing a move. You may have to witness a lot of things right from scratched floors to holes on the wall – resulting in a toll on both your old as well as home. It is but obvious that in case the damages occur while you are moving, you will be the one who will be held responsible for the damages. It is just a short glimpse of how the costs sneak up on you! This matter, however, can somewhat be addressed by hiring a reliable local moving services provider in New Jersey. It is a smart practice to discuss with the hired moving company about them taking responsibility for any damages to the house before signing the contract. The same advice will come handy for the house you are moving into.

Idle Time
It has been rightly said that one needs to beware of anyone working by the hour; their clock is bound to go slow. Even though there are several moving companies in New Jersey who will bill you by the job, there are some that offer to bill you by the hour and if they are billing you by the latter, chances are the moving is going to take longer. Not to mention that a lot of moving companies are going to bill you for driving and breaks. The best way to avoiding these costs is making it a point to discuss it with your mover beforehand.

Irrespective of the way you choose to look at it, in the end, the move experience that you have all boils down to your long-distance moving services provider in New Jersey. Keep in mind that these professionals operate on a thin margin and considering moving to be an essential part of the service industry, tips are expected. You might want to set aside $3-$4 for every hour each member of the crew served you and a little more for the driver. Of course, this amount is heavily determined by the quality of service that you receive and thus, can be altered according to it.

Additional Boxes
As far as a move is concerned, too many boxes are never really a thing especially when you are having a lot of fragile items in your inventory. In order to avoid having a box shortage and risk damaging your belongings, you should consider asking your movers in advance about how many boxes will they be needing and go with the highest estimate.

Clean Up
A lot of people take this for granted until the last moment. One needs to understand that cleaning your old place before you move out and your new home when you move in are essential steps of the moving process. Of course, you have the choice of doing this on your own where the only costs you will incur time and supplies, or getting it done by hiring a professional cleaning company. A lot of long-distance movers in NJ offer cleaning services as a part of their moving services.

Having said all this, the key to avoiding hidden moving costs lies in understanding the scope of your move. Being fully aware of what services are included in the quotation and what is not eliminates the grey areas and dramatically reduces hidden moving costs. A lot of people ask for and expect a door-to-door moving service, complete ignoring the fact that door to door is a loosely applied term. You can almost be sure of keeping your move on budget by applying the 3 following steps:

  1. Ensure all services you require are included in the price.
  2. Check you are not being charged for any services you do not require, or have not agreed to.
  3. Accept and budget for any cost which is randomly applied and genuinely beyond anyone’s control.

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