Looking For A Reliable Full-service Moving Company In Atlantic County? Choose Levic Van Lines!

Bottoming down on a moving company that can be trusted with your valuable possessions is quite a responsibility, however, choosing a partner that understands the ins, outs, and everything else involved in the process can go a long way. Levic Van Lines has more than 25 years of experience when it comes to helping individuals, families, and businesses relocate.

New Jersey & New York being our most served locations, we are committed to offering affordable and most reliable moving services in Atlantic County and around. Levic Van Lines can be contacted for top-notch local moving, long-distance moving, commercial relocations, and storage services.

Our long-distance movers put our customers and can be contacted for almost anything. Right from working with building management and dealing with elevator access to navigating with traffic patterns and dealing with parking, we have got you covered in all kinds of circumstances. We absolutely value the trust our clients put in us and that is exactly why when something during a move doesn’t go as per the plan, we just do not stop until we address it.

For more information on the moving services we offer and the locations we cover, dial our toll-free number 855-785-3133.

About us

We are a full moving company that has over 25 years of moving experience. Levic Van Lines is the the manifestation of a new-age of moving. We understand the ins, the outs and all directions in-between when it comes down to moving and relocating individuals, families and businesses.

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