How to De-Clutter Your House before Moving

Moving to a new house gives you a reason to walk around your house & look for things that you would probably not need once you start your new life at your new place. De-cluttering your house before moving isn’t just about cleanliness or interior organization; it is also about giving yourself some peach of mind. When you have fewer belongings, you have less to clean, maintain, or worry about; which ultimately ensures that you have more free time and less stress.  

So, how to approach de-cluttering before a house move? Let’s get started!

Start Early: Do not wait until the moving day to figure out what you’d want to pack or give away. Instead, give yourself at least a few weeks to de-clutter your house. Depending on your daily work schedule and other responsibilities, you can devote a few hours every day to this job. If you want, you can also choose to focus on one area at a time, like your kitchen cabinets, bedroom closets, etc. De-cluttering your house before the move would also allow the moving and packing services company in New Jersey that would you hire for your move.

Stop spending as your moving day approaches: When your move is just a few weeks or days away, it is important that you stop spending on unnecessary things. Instead, you should try to manage with whatever you already have so it doesn’t go waste. Check your kitchen cupboards and fridge, remove expired food items, and plan to prepare meals with what you have rather than heading to the supermarket to get more stuff. The same applies for bathroom toiletries. Saving yourself money by resisting the urge to buy new stuff is one of the best things you can do when moving.  

Get rid of unnecessary paperwork: Got piles of unnecessary paperwork that often stresses you out? A house move gives you the opportunity to gather all your old documents together, go through them, & get rid of what you wouldn’t need in the future. Many people keep old documents thinking that they may b useful one day; however they only lead to clutter. Remember that you can now find most things online, and therefore it does make sense to only keep documents that are really important. Also, you do not need old invitations, outdated bills, or manuals for items that you no longer use or have. Unnecessary paperwork also includes old newspapers and magazines that you haven’t read in years and would probably never do even if you carry them along to your new house.

When it comes to getting rid of anything which has your name, address, or financial details on it, make sure to shred it for preventing identity theft, instead of simply throwing it away. You can also choose to scan documents to your laptop to save space.

Let go of sentimental items: We all have some sentimental items lying somewhere in our storage areas. But have you ever thought that if they were truly a treasure, why would you stuff them up in a box and throw them in the attic where you do not see them at all. It is important to understand that getting rid of a gift given to you by someone special doesn’t really mean getting rid of the memory or the precious bond you share with them. Giving away items which bring pain is even more important.

Have a garage sale: A garage sale is worth it if you have a lot of stuff that you aren’t willing to take along to your new house. Not only will you get rid of the unwanted things prior to your move, but also earn some extra cash. So, usually it is a win-win scenario for everybody. A profitable sale prior to moving is a perfect ending to all your de-cluttering efforts. However, there are a few things that you must keep in mind when organizing a yard sale, such as –

  • Scheduling the sale on a Saturday as most people are off work on the weekends & may visit your yard sale for a change
  • Starting the sale in the morning so you have more time for selling your stuff
  • Checking if a special permit is required in your locality for organizing a moving sale. If so, get the permit before you organize the sale.
  • Setting reasonable pricing for your items on sale
  • Making an effort in making the sale area appealing, such as by playing background music, tying up colorful balloons, etc.
  • Being prepared for a lot of bargaining from potential buyers.

If you need help in organizing a garage sale, do not hesitate to ask your friends or relatives. Once you are done with the de-cluttering phase, you can get in touch with professional New Jersey long distance/local Movers like Levic Van Lines to handle the remaining aspects of your move, such as packing, loading, and transporting your stuff to your new place.

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