Get The Best Full-Service Professional Packing Services!

Packing is very important when items need to be transported or shipped. If you need some help and want a professional packing service for your move, look no further than Levic Van Lines.

Improper packing of one’s belongings can result in anywhere from mild scratches and nicks to complete and total loss. Fear not, our movers have been trained in professional packing and can safely pack even the most delicate of items. We specialize in packing specialty items, like pianos, pieces of artwork, fragile antiques that present some unique challenges while packing. To pack such items that need special attention, we use enhanced methods of protection, securely wrap, box, and crate your valuables for preventing damage during the move. So, you can rest assured that your belongings will be completely safe with us throughout your move.

As an experienced packing services company in NJ, we understand you may not have the time for packing your entire house by yourself because of work & family obligations. With the help of our expert team of packing professionals, we take the hassle out of your packing process. You can either choose to have your entire house packed by our professionals or choose specific rooms that you’d like us to pack for you.

Once we have all the important information like how much stuff you have, the number of fragile items that need to be moved, etc, we get started with our job and provide the best packing services to you in New Jersey!

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and have our representative visit your house/office to assess your packing needs.

About us

We are a full moving company that has over 25 years of moving experience. Levic Van Lines is the the manifestation of a new-age of moving. We understand the ins, the outs and all directions in-between when it comes down to moving and relocating individuals, families and businesses.

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