Moving to East Coast or West Coast? Here’s All That You Need to Know

The coasts have been luring the masses for longer than we can tell, thanks to the better standards of living one can experience only right next to the sea. If you are a city dweller looking forward to moving to the east coast or the west coast too, you are not alone. Moving to a new place and setting up a home is overwhelming on most occasions but with some information about what to expect and how to plan the course of action can make the process immensely rewarding.

Have you made up your mind about exchanging your metropolitan lifestyle for easy access to the beach and a slower, more relaxing pace of life?

Well, before we get on to sharing some valuable tips with you, let us take a quick look at what are the benefits of moving to a coastal area.

Better Health

For anyone who experiences symptoms of fatigue, depression, obesity, and to aid recovery from illness, the first thing any doctor recommends is some rest and relaxation at a place in a coastal area. The fresh air, rhythmic sounds of the water, and the sunshine can have therapeutic effects on almost anyone.

On a lighter note, the people living on the coasts reportedly have lower stress levels. Not just that, expanded exposure to sun and sea can also do wonders for one’s health.

The Beach

Putting everything else aside, the best thing about moving to a coastal area is the easy access to the beach whenever you like. In addition to relaxing by the beach, you can always make new friends or take up a new hobby. Also, nothing beats the joy of a long romantic beach walk with your partner after a sumptuous dinner!


Moving to either of the coasts takes you closer to the nature. Right from having the splendor of the magnificent ocean at your disposal to running into a wild range of wildlife including species of birds, sea life, and seals, coasts are no wonder a treat for nature lovers.


Thanks to an atmosphere that promotes physical activity, fresh air, and sunshine, coastal areas provide an excellent place to raise a family. Easy access to the beach allows people to spend quality time with their loved ones away from the distractions of modern technology.

Now, since you have an overview of what the life at the coastal areas is going to be like, here are some things that you need to keep in mind when planning a move:

  • Get to know the locals.

For easier transition to your new lifestyle, spending some time getting to know the people you will interact with on a daily basis is highly recommended whenever you move to a new area.

  • Explore the area.

Spend ample amount of time exploring what the area offers and start your new life at the coast with a bang. You might want to spot the charities and the military own parts of beaches that are used by them for wildlife sanctuaries and training exercise in advance to avoid getting into trouble inadvertently.

  • Be prepared to find sand in everything.

Do not be surprised if you find sand in your pockets, shoes, home, and everywhere else for weeks. It is better if you get used to it because when you live in a coastal area, you will be finding sand everywhere regardless of how often and meticulously you clean.

  • Expect crowds of holidaymakers.

Another thing you better get ready to get used to is hordes of people descending upon unsuspecting beach town in search of some summer fun during the summer months. You may see a sudden surge in the population of your town, and in turn, longer lines in the shops, crowded beaches, and more expensive parking. Not to worry, you can use this situation to your benefit too by earning an additional income if you have a creative hobby. You can sell your creations or if you have a good seasonal business idea, you can act upon it too.

  • Prepare for cold winters.

One thing that is surely underrated is the roughness of the winters at the coast. The strong sea winds and frigid air are very likely to tempt you into going into a state similar to hibernation until the warmer weather returns. Before moving to the coast, make sure you own some good winter clothes to combat that cutting wind. Thermal underwear is always a welcome addition to help survive the winter as well.

Some other things that you need to do include facing the financial facts, testing the waters, formulating a plan, making peace with the trade-offs, understanding your circumstances thoroughly, lining up your work first, researching the storage options thoroughly, getting wired, exploring the benefits of delivery services, finding a reliable painter, and more.

As you choose a moving company to help you with the move, you should be aware that a move to the west coast or east coast costs pretty much the same as any other move, however, you may incur some extra charges depending upon factors such as:

  • Move distance

There is a difference between moving to the coasts and moving coast to coast. The distance alone from one coast to the other can make your move very expensive.

  • Shipment weight

The total weight of your stuff can be a blessing in disguise because that’s where you can really save big money. Slim down the number of your belongings to their minimum, and then take with you even fewer items to optimize the shipment weight. Keep in mind that sometimes it’s cheaper to just purchase new household items in your destination city than to pay to have them moved by the pros.

  • Extra services

The most reliable and best coast movers will offer you a full range of additional services to make sure they respond adequately to the varied needs of their customers: packing, unpacking, furniture disassembly, hoisting, storage, and so on. Each additional service will cost you extra, of course, so it’s a good idea to request only the ones you do need and can’t really complete on your own.

Levic Van Lines takes great pride in introducing itself as one of the best moving services providers nationwide. Even though we started with just one box truck helping people in Miami, New York, and New Jersey with moving, we have come a long way because of our commitment to prioritize customers first. From working with building management, dealing with building and elevator access, navigating traffic patterns, and dealing with parking, Levic Van Lines can handle every challenge and that is exactly why our customers love to refer us to their friends, co-workers, and family.

From moving services to top-notch storage and packing services, Levic Van Lines has got you completely covered. This household name in every neighborhood, district office, and local business will be more than happy to be at your service. Reach out to one of our experts today to plan your next move to the east coast or the west coast with the professionals! Get in touch today!

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