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No matter how excited does it get you, moving to a new location is everything but easy. Some people when sharing their experiences with relocation even go on to refer to as the most stressful experience of their lives. The process starts with you figuring out things you would want to drop and stuff you would like to carry along. This is followed by creating an inventory list to facilitate packing and unpacking. One of the most important aspect that affects the quality of any move is the kind of moving supplies being used in the move.

Levic Van Lines has some of the best movers across the States on its team who carry out each move like their own. Our experts prioritize our customers and their requirements and thus, use only the best of the packing supplies. Here are the packing supplies we turn to in order to make sure your move is executed as perfectly and smoothly as possible.

  • Boxes

Cardboard boxes for moving can be obtained from a grocery, liquor, or office-supply store very easily. If you think you’ll not be able to arrange some on your own, Levic Van Lines has got you covered. We can provide you with moving boxes designed specifically for accommodating larger items such as glass tabletops, mirrors, artwork, lamps, and more. We suggest you to choose boxes with pre-assembled partitions to protect your glassware as well as kitchen appliances and smaller boxes for items such as books.

  • Box cutters

The need for cutting a box for opening it quickly might arise at any moment and keeping this essential tool handy will save you a lot of time and labour. No wonder unpacking quickly is as important as packing and a box cutter makes the task a hundred times easier.

  • Packing tape

One thing that is as important as the structural integrity of a moving box is a high-quality packing tape. Here, it must be noted that cheap packing tape will never be able to provide the strong bond needed for keeping the boxes closed. The best option to consider on such instances has to be heavy-duty shipping or packing tape. These days special tapes with embedded nylon threads are also available very easily. Whatever you do, make sure you do not go with duct, masking, or electrical tapes as they do not adhere to moving boxes very well.

  • Stretch wrap

This is one packing supply that keeps your stuff together as the move begins. You can use multiple layers of the stretch wrap to keep heavier items such as sofas, dressers, and more from displacing from their positions during the move. We make sure we carry some extra rolls of stretch wraps with us we set on a move.

  • Labels

Labels are another essential when it comes to packing things in a proper manner. You can always choose a labeling method as per your preferences, be it color coding, numbers, categorization by rooms, or whatever works for you. Again, this is where you are going to need a marker that doesn’t get faded in the wear and tear involved in a move.

  • Permanent markers

You would definitely want to keep a couple of permanent markers handy as this little tool has a rather crucial role in ensuring that a move is executed smoothly. Labelling boxes correctly is extremely important as you don’t want to deal with a mess once your stuff has been unloaded. We suggest you to keep an ample supply as they are very likely to be lost or misplaced in the process, and if not, you don’t have to worry as we do keep some spare ones with us.

  • Packing paper

Material as basic as tissue paper or blank newsprint can be used as a packing paper. It is mainly used for stuffing boxes and wrapping fragile items before you place those in boxes. We suggest you to avoid using newspapers for this purpose as it might leave ink stains on your valuables.

  • Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap has to be one of the most sought-after packing materials for fragile items. Everything right from delicate dishes to expensive high-tech gadgets, everything can be wrapped in a bubble wrap. Notably, bubble wrap can also be used for padding the bottom of the boxes for extra protection.

  • Basic tool kit

One just cannot do without a basic tool kit when it comes to assembling and disassembling furniture, electrical appliances and other such things. Some of the tools that this kit must include are flathead screwdriver, wrench set, drill, measuring tape, and a utility knife.

  • Small sealable plastic bags

Sealable plastic bags come in sandwich, quart, and gallon sizes and having a few in each size is rather harmless. You can use these bags for storing smaller items such as plugs and cords, screws, and the likes of these. Again, use a permanent marker to label the bags if they are not the clear ones.

  • Large trash bags

Trash bags can be used for packing and purging both. You can use heavy-duty trash bags to pack items such as soft toys but make sure you don’t overstuff these as that might result in torn bags. You can also use these bags to separate the items that are no longer needed to lessen the clutter.

Here are some additional tips about preparing the fragile items for the move for those who don’t want to seek assistance with packing:

  • Since a lot of your valuables are at stake, it is important you take all the time you need to a plan. Know that it is a time-consuming process and rushing to make things happen will only land you in more trouble. Preparing well in advance helps you ensure that your priceless valuables stay protected throughout the journey and reach the new location in perfect condition.
  • Making use of appropriate and high-quality packing material is as important as planning ahead. Other than all the packing materials listed above, you might also want to add pliable cardboard and a sturdy, sharp pair of scissors.
  • Packing isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation and you might need to adopt different methods for different breakables. When packing glasses, make sure you wrap each glass with packing paper before placing those in a box and the fill the empty space with crumpled paper for extra padding. Always remember to put heaviest items at the bottom and lighter ones on the top. As far as packing specialty items is concerned, the first step is to consider the size and shape of the item and then wrapping it in packing paper. The packed item should be placed in a box of the exact size and if there still are empty spaces, make sure you stuff those with crumpled paper.

At any stage if the process starts to get the better of you or you start finding it way too overwhelming, all you need to do is reach out to the professionals at Levic Van Lines and leave the rest to us!

The fact that improper packing of your valuables is very likely to result in damaged items and therefore, the best way out is to leave the task to experts who have been trained in professional packing and can pack the most delicate of the items in no time. Right from specialty items such as pianos and artworks to fragile antiques, we can pack everything for you. In order to ensure that the quality of services is not compromised at any stage, we make use of enhanced methods of protection. The best part is you can opt for our packing services completely as per your requirement. Whether it is just a few items or everything your household has, we can undertake almost any job with great excitement and responsibility. Our professionals start working the moment they receive information about the quantity and the fragility of the belongings. Availing quality packing services just could not have been any easier!

Levic Van Lines’ journey of becoming a household name in every neighborhood, district office, and local business has been pretty amazing. We take great pride in introducing ourselves as one of the best moving services providers nationwide. We have grown tremendously since our inception because of our commitment to prioritize customers first. From working with building management, dealing with building and elevator access, navigating traffic patterns, and dealing with parking, Levic Van Lines can handle every challenge and that is exactly why our customers love to refer us to their friends, co-workers, and family.

We are on a mission to deliver top-notch packing services across all states in the US and address the issues when something doesn’t go as per the plan. Get in touch with Levic Van lines today for local moving, commercial moving, long distance moving, and packing services.

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