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We have a full-service moving company that is taking a modern approach to everything moving -- we aim to be the most unique experience possible.

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We understand what it takes to make a move happen and we believe that cooperation, coordination and communcation are the foundation of a perfect moving experience.

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Welcome to Levic Van Lines! We are a full moving company that has over 25 years of moving experience. Levic Van Lines is the the manifestation of a new-age of moving. We understand the ins, the outs and all directions inbetween when it comes down to moving and relocatingindividuals, families and businesses.

We completely understand that ever person’s move is as unique as the individual requesting the move and we encourage all of our clients to ask as many questions as they need to, to ensure all needs are met.

Long Distance Move
Expedited Move
Local Move
Packing Service
Long Distance Move

We can perform long distance moves nationwide — To put it into perspective, from the very edge of Key West, Florida to the far reaches of Washington State.

How do we do it?

We provide a fully customizable moving service that is both affordable and transparent giving you piece of mind. Want to learn more about our long distance moving service options?

Expedited Move

Sometimes a move needs to be completed sooner, rather than later. Sometimes, it needs to be completed immediately. Levic Van Lines can offer you an expedited moving service that can suit your needs.

Expedited Moving?

It is exactly as it is stated, an expedited moving sservice can vastly cut down on your delivery time allowing you to quickly move into your new home. Want to learn more?

Local Move

When it comes to down to local moves, we can provide top quality service and handle your belongings with the care and respect both you and your furnishings deserve.

What Local Services are provided?

We can offer a tiered service menu tthat would suit your local service needs and are easily customizable to suit not only your budget but also your time. Want to learn in depth about our local services?

Packing Service

Packing is very important when items need to be transported or shipped. If you need some help and want a professional packing service for your move, look no further.

Why is Professional Packing important?

Improper packing of one’s belongings can. result in anywhere from mild scratches and nicks to complete and total loss. Fear not, our movers have been trained in professionally packing. Wanna learn more about our method?


Sometimes, things happen and a kink appears in the plan. It could be anything, from your move-in day being shifted either sooner or later to your new home being currently unavaiable due to sudden renovations. That’s why we offer storage services.

Storage Services?

We offer a myriad of storage options for you that you can pick from that is both affordable and convenient. Want to learn more?

What else can we offer?

  • Free In-Home Estimate Provided In-Person or Virtually
  • Professional Uniformed Staff all Certified by Department of Transportation Standards, Including Background Checks & Drug Screenings
  • Full Service Packing & Unpacking Including Quality Packing Supplies & Padded Blankets for Furniture
  • Crating of Antiques, Sensitive Materials, Electronics & Fine Art
  • Disconnect / Reconnect Appliances & Bedding Materials
  • Debris Removal
  • Short & Long-Term Storage
  • We Work Weekends

Time to Set up your Upcoming Move

Does Levic Van Lines have something to offer you for your move? Want toget a free quote for your move? Click the button below to get started.

Nothing is outside of our realm of expertise when it comes to your move.

As expected of a full service moving company, we have had our fair share of moving challenges that we have faced and overcome. Our team is dedicated towards providing a modernized service for your move from beginning to end.

To solve issues in today’s world, one is required to create modern solutions.

Aaron Simmons

Your move, your rules.

Not everything can easily fit into its own box since nothing in life is easy to define, catalog and seperate. People are much the same way, with their own quirks and outlooks. That’s why we make sure that you are the boss of the move.

From beginning to end, we allow you to change your inventory an unlimited number of times with no hassle. We also offer multiple ways to make a payment towards your move. You are provide a great deal of autonomy through our online services. On top of that, our representatives are a call away to assist you with any issue you may have.

Learn more about us and the moving industry as a whole!

We actively update our website with new and pertinent information when it comes to moving within the United States of America. All of our latest posts can be viewed below. Feel free to check them out.

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