Case Study

The Client: One of the most popular insurance companies in New Jersey reached out to Levic Van Lines for their office’s relocation from Bergen County to Morris County.

Number of Employees: 200+

Area in Square Feet: 300,000 square feet

Our Approach: The process started with some extensive planning sessions where all the client queries and concerns were addressed by our moving experts. We created a color-coding plan to make the move more convenient and also educated more than 200 employees to prepare them for the big move.

During the first phase of the relocation process, our moving team explained the proposed plan to the senior officials of the insurance company and next, we conducted an analysis of the equipment that needed to be moved which included more than 250 rolling shelving units and a few common area file cabinets. We also had to come up with a foolproof plan for moving their existing archive storage to one of our storage facilities for some time. All the expensive LCD flat screen monitors and some delicate server equipment were looked upon afterwards.

As for the second phase of this relocation, we created color coding and a numbering system to make sure that none of the contents or equipment are misplaced in the process. We put the most suitable packing and tagging techniques into practice to make sure that the move is carried out timely and in an efficient manner.

Conclusion: The move was executed within 4 days and in compliance with the limitations put forward by the client.

About us

We are a full moving company that has over 25 years of moving experience. Levic Van Lines is the the manifestation of a new-age of moving. We understand the ins, the outs and all directions in-between when it comes down to moving and relocating individuals, families and businesses.

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