10 Safety Tips That Will Help Avoid Injuries When Moving

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Everyone is aware of the stress and expenses concerning a move but what most people fail to realize is how great a trouble can being careless during a move land you in. After all, nobody would want to add a stop at a hospital on their way to the new location. So many people complain about getting paper cuts while packing books, muscle pulls and hurting their back while pushing and pulling heavy items, but it is important to understand that one can never really tell when things take a sharp turn for the worse.

Needless to say, getting injured or hurt on the moving day can put anyone in a bad mood and hence, we should be practicing everything that we can to keep the injuries at bay. The best local movers in Miami at Levic Van Lines have curated this list of safety tips that are sure to help you avoid injuries whenever you move next.

  1. Plan Ahead
    The one thing that goes a long way when it comes to executing a smooth and stress-free move is planning ahead which also translates into good organization. Don’t forget to plan your course of action well before you get to executing it. If you ever feel stuck, give yourself a break and allow yourself to rethink the situation for alternative ways to solving the problem at hand. Managing your time carefully is also an important part of planning ahead.
  2. Don’t Hesitate Asking for Assistance
    Whatever you do, never force yourself into believing that moving is a one-man affair. Executing a move right from the scratch not only requires mental strength but a great deal of physical endurance too. Even though you can start right by planning ahead but on the moving day, lifting, carrying, loading, unloading, and doing everything on your own is sure to be overwhelming. It is suggested you ask for help and assistance from someone who has experience handling a move. Friends can no wonder extend physical and emotional support, but please keep in mind that nothing beats professional assistance. The best way out is getting in touch with a moving company.
  3. Use Sturdy Boxes
    Ensuring that the boxes you will be using for moving your valuables are strong enough to bear the wear and tear of a move is a practical way to avoid mishaps during a move. There is little to worry about if you are using a new set of boxes, however, using second-hand boxes can be quite risky if you haven’t checked them thoroughly and carefully. Carrying boxes with weakened structures is second to inviting trouble your way. In order to make sure that a box is ready to be used, double tape the bottom with a strong packing tape.
  4. Don’t Make the Boxes Too Heavy
    Another thing you should be keeping in mind when filling the boxes is not making the moving boxes too heavy. It is suggested you stick to the reasonable limit of 50 pounds. If you are not taking professional help, you should consider lowering down this limit to 40 pounds. These limits can somewhat be adjusted when you have the proper moving equipment. One of the most used moving equipment is the moving dolly that makes transporting bulky and heavy objects a cakewalk. A moving dolly is definitely a must have if it is a self-move that you have planned.
  5. Use Proper Lifting Techniques
    With unusual movements such as lifting, bending, pulling, pushing and twisting too, a move takes a different kind of toll on an individual’s body. An injury originated from these unorthodox physical strains on or before the moving day is the last thing you would want to experience. Here are some effective lifting techniques that will surely help make the move less strenuous.
  • Keep your back straight and use your legs to lift.
  • It is always better to push heavier objects than pushing them.
  • Keep the load centered and do not lift anything over your head.
  1. Keep the Passages Clear of Obstacles
    Some of the most basic things you can do to simply your move include creating more space and room for breathing, keeping the moving boxes labeled and organized neatly away from the hallways, keeping outside areas clear, and trimming overgrown trees that might get in your way. The safety of a move is directly proportional to the availability of clear space for smooth movement.
  2. Keep Kids & Pets Away from Trouble
    When executing a residential move, ensuring the safekeeping of the pets and younger members of the family should be your topmost priority. One effective way of doing so is keeping your kids and pets as away from the moving epicenter as possible. You can consider requesting a trustworthy individual, a friend or relative for instance, to watch over them while you are busy with other things. With this worry off your shoulders, you will be able to better focus on things that need to be done.
  3. Dress Right
    It is of utmost importance that you get dressed appropriately on the moving day. You should keep comfort on the top of your list when selecting clothes for the day. You might also want to go ahead with something you don’t mind getting dirty. Don’t wear anything baggy either as there is a higher chance of them getting hooked onto a protruding part. Top your moving day attire with a comfortable and sturdy pair of shoes.
  4. Stay Alert to The Weather Conditions
    While you can plan everything concerning a move well ahead in time, one thing you cannot plan is the weather. It is important you stay alert to the weather conditions and act accordingly. If you are moving in summer, keep yourself as well as everyone else involved in the move hydrated, and keep some refreshments handy.
    If it is a rainy or a cold day, you should consider keeping yourself warm by drinking hot beverages and wearing clothes in layers for better regulation of air.
  5. Trust Your Intuition
    Use your common sense and knowledge to set some meaningful rules you can adhere to. Additionally, don’t try to go out of your way. Understand your physical limits and refrain from stretching those. Always remember that investing in experienced moving professionals is never a bad idea.

Levic Van Lines has more than 25 years of experience when it comes to helping individuals, families, and businesses relocate. Our local movers in Miami, FL understand the ins, outs, and everything else involved in the process, and promise to help you to the best of their ability. Right from working with building management and dealing with elevator access to navigating with traffic patterns and dealing with parking, we have got you covered in all kinds of circumstances. We absolutely value the trust our clients put in us and that is exactly why when something during a move doesn’t go as per the plan, we just do not stop until we address it.

For more information on the moving services we offer in and around Miami, FL, feel free to browse through the website or simply dial our toll-free number 855-785-3133.

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